Does your gun know when to change the oil?

Intelligent Maintenance & Inventory Management with Shot Counting Technology


The ShotPM firearm accessory is a small hardware module designed to be attached to any firearm with an M-Lok rail solution. It incorporates a compact accelerometer to count shots fired and a radio transceiver (using the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band for radio communications with IEEE 802.15.4 standards) to relay this information back to persistent data storage located on a PC server or in the cloud. Radio communications can be silenced at any time, and re-activated at will to relay the information collected. 


The ShotPM solution is derived from the popular V-Tag asset tag manufactured by InfinID Technologies. This means that it supports mesh networking. With mesh networking, simply place a few fixed tags at strategic locations in the armory or gun range, and the ShotPM tag can relay messages through these fixed tags up to the cloud. In addition, the location of firearms are automatically reported periodically. This provides confidence that all firearms are accounted for with location history and custody records that can be reviewed by any authorized users.


Shot data is integrated into a secure variation of the platform (an industry leading inventory and firearm training and tracking system) which provides real-time information on which rifles need maintenance, the maintenance history, chain of custody and optionally location.The APB360 system can be used on or off premises or cloud based.  Armorers will no longer miss important maintenance milestones and maintenance reports can be generated on any device at any time. You can even track the performance of maintainers over time, battery levels, ambient temperatures, high energy events, two categories of fully automatic fire and implement firearm rotation schedules.



The ShotPM accessory is battery powered using the popular CR123A lithium battery. The batteries are field replaceable. Battery life up to two years depending on level of usage.

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Tracking and managing firearm assets has always been a very time consuming task within many organizations. Using Shot PM mesh tags provides one of the best opportunities to reduce cost of operation and integrated planning as well as increased availability of assets, inventory optimization and effective spend management. The scenarios below gives an overview of the challenges faced in Police Departments and Military Armories that Shot PM can help address.

  • Help monitor overall equipment effectiveness

  • Help support preventative maintenance (PM)

  • Create PM’s triggered based on actual production

  • Track and monitor repair costs for labor, material and contractor expenses

  • Help monitor and track in estimating and measuring mean time between failure (MTBF)

  • Trigger automatic stock replenish

  • Monitor and track consignment inventory

  • Track and monitor transfer parts across different gun ranges locations

Organizations across the world are turning to Shot PM to meet these challenges, drive efficiencies and optimize the entire process of maintaining and supporting their firearms.

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