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The best ideas come from solving common problems;  The gun market was missing a simple way to count shots fired and recognize high energy events as well as combining a solution to quickly find weapons within an armory or gun range and ultimately provide intelligence for ideal maintenance planning. 

InfinID Technologies, Inc. has an advanced mesh network active RFID tag for tracking high value assets in the aerospace and manufacturing industry called V-Tag. V-Tag is an ad-hoc networked tag (self-generating mesh network) for RFID that requires no infrastructure. 

ShotPM integrates with APB360 to provide comprehensive inventory management, chain of custody, and preventative maintenance. With APB360 you can run and record a firearm qualification while at the range using any computer or tablet, and automate the recording of shots fired.

APB360 asked InfinID Technologies if it was possible to incorporate their patented mesh networking technology into an accessory that could count gun shots, a weapon shot counter. The engineers at InfinID Technologies got to work developing the technology. The end result is ShotPM.

ShotPM is a small hardware accessory that can accurately count every shot fired for a gun in either single shot mode or full auto. ShotPM can also count high energy events to provide comprehensive data for preventative maintenance so that you know the exact state of your guns, especially premature spring wear. In addition to this, every ShotPM accessory will automatically report its location, letting you know where your weapons are at all times.

ShotPM provides integration with APB360 to automatically send up-to-date shot data up their cloud servers, or even your own custom off-cloud installation. Users don't have to perform any scanning of the ShotPM units in order to get the latest data. It is all sent automatically through the ShotPM mesh network. You no longer require hand-held RFID reading instruments or antenna configurations. The ShotPM module simply needs to be within range of a fixed tag, and seconds later the central management system is updated with the latest weapon shot counter data.

One of the initial concerns with anyone evaluating ShotPM is security. The engineers at InfinID technologies knew that security would be essential. . When a ShotPM accessory leaves its network, it goes into silent mode and will only wake up when it comes in range of the correct encrypted network and one-time use token. The device is undetectable when outside of its nearest fixed tag’s range of communication, typically about 300 feet. 


We have seen tremendous enthusiasm for the ShotPM technology and are excited to offer this technology to the world. The accessory is ideal for weapon shot counting, managed weapon service rotation, inventory management and preventative maintenance without any guesswork. The mesh network is a highly robust and secure topology, allowing any information technology skill level to manage and deploy.


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